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Stewardship and Trusteesh
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Letter to Metropolitan
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Back to infancy -- they n
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  ENJOYING a relaxed weekend, I was checking updates on the Facebook page. I came across a b  
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  Tasks for Amin
  Retrieve IPL's image  
  CHIRAYU AMIN is not new to cricket management as he has been holding senior positions in the Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The low-profile loyalist of successive BCCI chiefs, he has become the interim chairman and commissioner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at a time when its reputation is in a shambles.

Cricket enthusiasts are now looking up to him to retrieve the image of the IPL and make it the best that has happened to Indian cricket. What undid the IPL was the larger-than-life profile of Lalit Modi that enabled him to have his way, no matter what his colleagues thought or what propriety expected him to do.

The five charges on which Modi has been asked to explain would not have come into being had the principles of collective responsibility been adhered to in the decision-making process in the IPL. Thus the first and foremost task for Amin is to revive, if not introduce, the practice of consultations at the higher level so that he does not become a rogue elephant like his predecessor. Delegation of responsibility and due reporting of all key decisions to the parent body need to be introduced.

At the root of the IPL's problem is the belief held at the top that it had become too big to bother about corporate niceties and legal requirements. Nobody has the right not to comply with the laws of the land.

Sadly, suspicions exist about many crucial aspects of the IPL like, for instance, the ownership of the franchises, the vested interests the BCCI and IPL authorities have in them, the involvement of illegal money sourced from tax havens like Mauritius and, most important, fudging of accounts.

Greater transparency and democratization of the decision-making process should be the watchwords for Amin, who has to cooperate not just with the enquiry ordered by the BCCI but also with the investigating and enforcement agencies which are looking into the IPL affairs. He should remember that, often, it is in the guise of protecting the image of an organization that some of the worst crimes in corporate history have been committed.

A white paper on what went wrong and how it can be rectified will go a long way in instilling confidence in cricket lovers who see IPL as a great model to promote sports. The sooner the white paper is brought out the better it would be for cricket.
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