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  Greetings to all our readers and patrons
Stewardship and Trusteesh
  By A.J. Philip  
  I ACCOMPANIED Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his visit to South Africa on the occasi  
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Letter to Metropolitan
  By Rev A.P. Jacob and five other priests  
  Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar  
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Back to infancy -- they n
  By Shaheen Chander  
  ENJOYING a relaxed weekend, I was checking updates on the Facebook page. I came across a b  
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  Presentation is good as well as the contents. Congratulations and best wishes to all the team members. May God bless you all.  
  By  Joy Kurudamannil Posted at 30/06/2009  09:57:34  
  The site has interesting and valuable articles but request you to focus on the latest poignant trends like recession, Banking sector, Future of real estate, Job Crisis and any thing which would make a younger reader inclined to read the Herald. All the very Best to Editor A.J.Philip and his team.  
  By  Preethi .S. P Posted at 29/06/2009  08:59:23  
  Elizebath Philip's Article on Travel to China was worth reading, it has invoked my earlier wish to travel to china ... The site needs to have a bit more pepped news like Scrolls of latest updates -Cricket- Tennis and breaking News...

Kudos and all the best to the Editor A.J.Philip and his team

  By  Anil P.Thomas Posted at 29/06/2009  06:36:31  
  Hyderabad -    
  It heralds an e-paper with some difference.
Counselling section looks more genuine and useful as the counsellor has a pragmatic approach.
News section too is readable. Very few know that Japan with 1 per cent Christian population has a Christian Prime Minister. Keep providing news that the so called secular newspapers fail to carry.

Marydasan John
  By  Marydasan John Posted at 28/06/2009  06:59:40  
  Good, but expectation is very high. I hope would be delivered with the passage of time.  
  By  umesh baurai Posted at 27/06/2009  07:09:38  
  A J Philip has written very nicely about the education mafia.When a doctor charges a heavy fees in a private hospital for treatment then he wont mind paying hefty sum as capitation fees. A former principal director of CMC Ludhiana Dr Forrest C E ggleston had said that those who are in medicine for money are in a wrong compartmet.Unfortunately most of doctors in India and else where have rwduced the sacred profession into a farce. i dont know where will it lead us to.....  
  By  Dr RAvinder Dahiya Posted at 27/06/2009  05:49:23  
  Congratulation and we wish you all the best. Our prayers are with you.

Mathews P Mathew
  By  Mathews P Mathew Posted at 26/06/2009  09:28:38  
  The write ups are interesting, I particularly like thought of the day and counselling. Its a different approach.

Why don't you add something on health and also some sort of series on self improvement?

My congratulations for this new venture and I wish you success.

  By  Serene Posted at 25/06/2009  10:29:40  
  It is good , But I feel little uncomfortable with the lay out as too many add in right side panel , also one or 2 main news in briefs and all other can be just a heading with lead to a link .

Wish you all success

  By  Biju George Posted at 25/06/2009  04:56:18  
  Kudoos,For coming up with a Newspaper with the vision of developing the society through informing the current events as well as providing guidance in different aspects.Our heartly regards  
  By  Jaymon & Bijina Posted at 25/06/2009  04:12:32  
  The technical aspects are OK. it seems that your plans are to make this a national paper as revealed from the content covered since its launch. But except for more newsitems covering the Christian community for obvious reasons, nothing else seemed attractive. If you repeat what others have covered then the readers will lose interest. Kindly concentrate on regional and local issues. As you have been long associated with The Tribune and know something about Haryana, you should try to cover the long forgotten issues from this State. I can contribute.  
  By  Ranbir Singh Posted at 24/06/2009  04:50:49  
  275, Sector-2, HUDA, Rohtak (Haryana)    
  Congratulations. Well organised site.

Best Wishes
  By  Thampy & Omana Posted at 23/06/2009  06:24:41  
  Congratulations!I am all agog to read this newspaper.I wish u all the best for the future success.  
  By  Priya Posted at 23/06/2009  04:42:18  
  Kumar Rana's analysis about the situation in Khejuri and Lalgarh is excellent. He has driven the point home. The innocent tribals are just election fodder for the politicians.  
  By  Arup Chanda Posted at 23/06/2009  12:20:49  
  New Delhi    
  I found your site interesting. Why don't you include a section for children and youth? Too many sample ads on this page is a distraction. Please remove them. On the whole, it is a good effort. My heartiest congratulations and best wishes.  
  By  K.M. Sharma Posted at 23/06/2009  08:54:09  
  New Delhi    
  A friend has forwarded the link to your newspaper. I read some of the articles. The navigation was easy. The site is well-organised. I wish you all the best.  
  By  Thangavelu Simon Posted at 23/06/2009  08:51:53  
  it is a good beginning. hope it will excell at the earliest.
congratulations, sir!
  By  kvidyasagarr Posted at 22/06/2009  11:11:21  
  The print media\'s period seems to be fading fast. CONGRATULATIONS for launching successfully THE HERALD INDIA , i wish and pray for its future success.  
  By  balvinder Posted at 22/06/2009  01:34:49  
  Congratulations on the formal launch of The Herald of India. The paper has a clean, uncluttered and \'\'easy on the eye\'\' appearance and no great effort would be needed to get the reader browse . The Internet is a fast growing medium and one that will someday surpass the more conventional forms of media, like print and television, and so it seems that The Herald has a bright future ahead.  
  By  Perumal Koshy Posted at 21/06/2009  05:29:54  
  The website is very well-designed. I liked the thought for the day by Bishop Mar Chrysostom. It was very appropriate. I have heard the Bishop speak at some functions. He has a great sense of humour. I look forward to reading his column. Congratulations for bringing out this newspaper.  
  By  Sam Richard Posted at 21/06/2009  03:42:00  
  Your attempt is really praiseworthy.The articles are arranged systematically hence easy to locate.I hope you will maintain your quality in reporting the news without fear or favour upholding the Christian Faith.  
  By  Dr.Yohannankutty Mathai Posted at 21/06/2009  08:43:03  
  New Delhi    
  Alpha info tech, launches a new website!! This new and improved website provides you with improved search capabilities navigation. As we grow, we will continue to make improvements which allow you to get the most out of your membership benefits and marketing efforts.  
  By  Kuldeep singh Posted at 16/06/2009  10:52:33  
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