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  Greetings to all our readers and patrons
Stewardship and Trusteesh
  By A.J. Philip  
  I ACCOMPANIED Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his visit to South Africa on the occasi  
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Letter to Metropolitan
  By Rev A.P. Jacob and five other priests  
  Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar  
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Back to infancy -- they n
  By Shaheen Chander  
  ENJOYING a relaxed weekend, I was checking updates on the Facebook page. I came across a b  
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  The timely and informative piece, 'Deafening silence on Lohia', took me back to mid- sixties when I heard Lohia for the first time at an open rally in Chandigarh's Sector 15. It still is etched on my mind how he attributed most of our failures to our inherent indecisiveness. I remember even the fine example he gave to prove his point. On visiting a friend, if he offers us a choice between having tea and coffee we fail even to tell him our personal preference or choice. "Kuch bhi chaleyga", Lohia rightly lamented the attitude. He continued by lampooning Lal Bhadur Shastri, the then PM, saying that he too remains indecisive on many issues and he often sees two instead of one face of Shastri in Parliament, yeh bhi theek hai, woh bhi theek hai.  
  By  balvinder Posted at 24/03/2010  02:23:51  
  I just forwarded "Saved from Vaasthu" to a friend who wanted me to help them house hunting. However, alongwith the request for help, was a long list of do's and dont's in different directions. I hope your write-up, apart from making an interesting read, clears some minds of confusion!  
  By  Serene Posted at 17/03/2010  07:13:50  
  Pastor James' "It's finished" was a great beginning to understand about our covenant with our Saviour and God. This blessed message was an enlightenment to our lives and added more reasons to rejoice/praise /worship in this lent. May God Almighty bless you and enrich you further in all your work for the glory of his kingdom. Amen  
  By  A P Thomas Posted at 17/03/2010  06:14:45  
  Apropos the news-item "Church welcomes foreign universities coming to India", it is a bit ironic that while the church is supposedly fighting for the rights of the marginalised, it does not see anything wrong with the fact that these so-called universities are not bound by the law to provide reservation benefits to the same people.  
  By  Ashish A Posted at 17/03/2010  04:23:19  
  "Saved from Vaasthu" made a very interesting read. A few years ago a friend of mine, who runs an ad agency, stumbled into one of his clients who dabbled in Vaasthu Shastra. Just out of curiosity my friend asked him to suggest something to improve upon his sagging business. He immediately drew a chart and suggested some cliched changes to be incorporated, like the change in the direction of his office table-chair and its height.
"I would do that without much trouble. But just answer my one question", my friend said to the so-called "Shastri". How come that I used to have very good business, during all these 25 years, while sitting in the present direction and at this very height, asked he, to which Shaastriji had no answer.
  By  Balvinder Posted at 15/03/2010  12:45:21  
  Thanks for publishing my article, "A Case for Telangana", today. My friends appreciated it very much.  
  By  Vidyasagar Posted at 15/03/2010  10:46:57  
  It was a blessing to read the article about Maramon in the Travel Section. Unfortunately, I missed it this year too. It's an Amazing experience. Be there to feel it. It may not be like what it was before but once you are inside the pandal, it's truly a great experience.  
  By  Anil Philip Posted at 02/03/2010  01:38:32  
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