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Stewardship and Trusteesh
  By A.J. Philip  
  I ACCOMPANIED Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his visit to South Africa on the occasi  
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Letter to Metropolitan
  By Rev A.P. Jacob and five other priests  
  Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar  
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Back to infancy -- they n
  By Shaheen Chander  
  ENJOYING a relaxed weekend, I was checking updates on the Facebook page. I came across a b  
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  I have been visiting this site regularly. I find the articles very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the article on the Gods particle. Articles by Philip are a treat for the readers. Please keep up the good work.  
  By  Thomas Mattamana Posted at 15/07/2012  10:29:03  
  By  balvinder Posted at 28/10/2010  04:02:18  
  Though India is considered as one of the most corrupt countries, no one has ever tried to pinpoint the corrupt people and areas, leave aside any attempt to cleanse this stigma.
If the above stated generalised view is accepted there is no reason to disbelieve that our judiciary is also not above board. This perception gets vindicated by the fact that of late cases involving judicial persons in corruption have come to light.
In such circumstances at least one thing can be said with surety that our judicial system, if not fully corrupt, at least is not as independent as it is supposed to be and remains firmly caught in the clutches of the powers that be.
Thus it was more than obvious that the government of the day, led by the Congress, would have allowed the pronouncement of any judgement on Ayodhya that would have allowed the BJP to get any political mileage. More so, with CWGâs sword hanging precariously on its head with the whole world having an eye on India, the Congress could never perceive of any riotous situation that would have gone out of its control.
While every part of the seemingly Congress-favouring judgement on this apparently volatile issue is being discussed, threadbare, by the media, no one has raised one pertinent question.
Suppose the BJP had not demolished the Babri Masjid structure. Could then, in the presence of the structure, the court pronounce this very judgment that would have allowed its legal demolition, as the place has sought to be a temple?
  By  Balvinder Singh Posted at 01/10/2010  01:37:58  
  The news "Muslims step in to repair damaged Punjab church" published along side carries an inaccurate historical fact.

Many seething Punjabis, including Hindus, massacred hundreds of Muslims during the unfortunate 1947 holocaust as a retaliatory and revengeful act.

However, not a single Muslim was touched, rather they were protected, because of a gratitude that the local non-Muslims have always been nursing towards them. It was there because of the fact that while Guru Gobind Singh's two younger sons were being persecuted at Sirhand by the Mughals, by burying them alive in a brick wall, the then Nawab of Malerkotla had opposed that inhumanly act rather vehemently.

In fact, Malerkotla, with which I have some close association (I had studied there in the local Government College for two years), never has witnessed any communal tension in the recent past. I cannot recall of any such situation when curfew had to be imposed in the walled city.

Thus thanks must be given to the current Akali-BJP regime that could achieve this rare first. Political manipulations reportedly worked behind the current tension that allegedly was created to contain the small but crucial Christian voting chunk, and for this the very first opportunity was well grabbed. First thrash clandestinely and then come in the open as saviour is the simple but dirty trick of the political trade.
  By  Balvinder Singh Posted at 18/09/2010  12:58:16  
  How to write a best-selling book? Praise the present powers that be and condemn everybody else, even the dead. Though Khushwant Singh has been adopting this formula more than often, it was not expected from him at the fag end of his life. If media reports are to be believed, by praising Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi (via Rahul!) and criticizing even the dead who cannot come to defend themselves, he has shown himself in a poor light as a writer.  
  By  Balvinder Singh Posted at 23/08/2010  07:01:21  
  Apropos "Church should rethink homosexuality stance". Whether or not they are accepted may not make much difference to the mindset of homosexuals or to the number of those who turn to homosexuality. But yes, acceptance would put an end to curiosity and might actually help the ones opting for same sex partners make a choice on their sexual preferences based on what they want, instead of going in for merely to prove a point, out of curiosity and any other such outward reasons. Acceptance of homosexuals would do us a favour.  
  By  Serene Posted at 27/07/2010  09:06:21  
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