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The truth shall set you free!
  By Shaheen Myra  
  SOMETIMES very simple things that we see around ourselves have a lot to teach. I come to this place every day. Except for the daily life events, other things of far less significance tend to remain static. Do we ever stare at the patterns drawn on the walls and the bolts of the doors, the intricate details on these? We generally do not. But sometimes, even less-important things, when compared to things in the real world, can lead us to some exciting moments of thought, realization and acceptance. A similar experience this morning took me to a journey of practicalities in the light of the word of God.

The place where I work has a beautiful wall decor. A quick glance at the walls shows that there are birds and plants and flowers drawn on the wall. A relaxed and thoughtful glance will show the depth of the art that the pattern carries. Many birds, all of similar design, but with difference in the way they have been drawn (created) cover the wall adjacent to my seat. Some are flying high, some low, but all heading in one direction, as if following the same tide. It gives the impression of the human race, all following the same path, blindly following the ones ahead of them, so engrossed in the race called life.

Contrary to this, there was a beautiful view outside the room. A big glass wall keeps the cozy and warm room connected with the outside world. One can stare through it and keep abreast with the world -- the fog, the trees, the birds, the sky-scrapers peeping through the scarcely covered trees, a few in number, but a home to many who are winged.

Inside the room, I could see a wall with lifeless birds drawn on it and through the glass, I could see a pair of birds flying freely in the air. What a contrast! The same creation, yet one enjoying the heavenly bliss of soaring high and freely, while the others (human art) flying in one direction, depicting a blindly-followed pattern. The ones flying in the open skies portrayed an amazing sight, as if set free, away from the falsehood of worldly experiences. The beautiful sight of seeing them enjoy their sovereignty made me think of the verse in the book of John. Lord's creation was enacting his word, "You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free" (John 8: 34) in its truest sense. It seemed as if they had received the anointing and were set free from the clutches of false ideas, misconceptions and the human way of life.

The word 'truth' refers to genuineness, veracity and verity of something. In context to Christian faith, many would think of truth to be synonymous with belief, some deeply-embedded teachings, orthodoxy or strong feelings of likeness towards God. Yet, the verse gives a beautiful message wherein, Jesus is interacting with the Jews. The Jews argue that they are the descendants of Abraham and they have never been enslaved by anyone so why do they need to be set free? Jesus replied whoever sins is a slave of sin. A slave has no place in the family but the son has and only the son can set them free.

The son can indeed set us free. In fact, he already has. A son is his father's representative and so is Jesus, a representative of his heavenly father. He is the son, who was compliant to the extent of even becoming a sacrificial lamb.

In yet another verse from the book of John (14:6), Jesus said "I am the way, and the truth, and the life". He is the truth as he himself followed the Law of God. He is the way to eternal life. He is the life as he sacrificed his own life to wash away the sins of sinners, to give us all an everlasting and sovereign life.

Considering his selfless love for each one of us, and believing in him sets us free from the clutches of the harsh human experiences. We need not feel helpless, engrossed in the hassle of worldly affairs. Rather, we can soar high like the birds in the sky, enjoying the heavenly bliss of freedom from anxiety, fear and worries and living freely trusting our creator for all our needs and desires.

Shaheen Myra is a Chandigarh-based writer
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